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28/09/2020: What's going on?

Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition 2020
Mall Galleries, London 30 September – 10 October
Just completed (great exhibition)

I have donated a painting to the charity 'Explorers Against Extinction' to help fund the amazing work they do around the world to try to save endangered species and protect and conserve 'at risk' environments.

My brief, in 'Sketch for Survival', as a landscape painter, was 'Wild Spaces'
I have been deeply moved by the wildfires destroying landscapes and habitats for animals and birds in several parts of the world, including this year in California and especially the devastating scenes last year in huge areas of Australia. I'm sure we all remember those orange skies and fleeing animals?
So my picture, titled 'Wildfire' is based on these scenes from Australia, but in fact could be anywhere.

Explorers Against Extinction have begun an online auction of submissions which runs until 22nd November, to be followed by a live exhibition at the Oxo Tower in London.
You can click on the link below to see details:

Some, in fact most, of the wildlife painters' work is AMAZING !
If you felt the urge to own an original Patsy Moore for a possible £75 (now there's a bargain!), do take a look and bid on lot 191

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